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Redline VR Opening January 2019

Taking multi-player entertainment and immersive art to a new level.

Arcade, Escape Room, and Artistry – all in Virtual Reality

At Redline VR, you and your friends can take part in a variety of brand new games and experiences, using the latest virtual reality and interactive technology.

Our Escape Rooms can teleport you from body to body and room to room. Our custom adventures adjust tone and content to your group to be as challenging or risqué as your heart desires!

The Arcade will feature a curated list of top picks, so you don’t waste time bumbling through bad Beta builds.


and You Are Happy by Rebecca Deraspe

Bridget finds her brother Jeremy in a closet attempting suicide. Again. Determined to help him find some kind of happiness, she carts around grocery stores looking for his potential wife. Bridget’s search affirms what she already thinks: there are couples practically everywhere. Eventually finding her way into the aisle with the razor blades, she meets Chloe and her plans to stage a happily-ever-after are finally set.

To be produced by Red Theater in their 2019-2020 season Mother C by Ansley Valentine

Brecht’s masterpiece reimagined in modern Chicago by Ansley Valentine.

Cast List
KAT- Dari Simone
ELI/YOUNG SOLDIER- Alberto Mendoza
CHEESE/ YOUNG SON – Breon Arzell
COOK/YVONNE- Adithi Chandrashekar

Playwright- Ansley Valentine
Director- Aaron Sawyer
ASL Interpreter- Phillip Max Lewis




Jocasta Removes Her Shoes by KMC

A pitch you should read!

JOCASTA REMOVES HER SHOES imagines the Queen’s bedchamber in the final minutes of Euripides’ tragedy, Oedipus Rex. A dreary day goes from bad to worse as Jocasta and Lena discuss food, shoes, destroying the patriarchy, and the best way to survive a Greek tragedy. Like any other day, really.


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