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Redline VR Opening Summer 2018

Taking multi-player entertainment and immersive art to a new level.

Arcade, Escape Room, and Artistry – all in Virtual Reality

At Redline VR, you and your friends can take part in a variety of brand new games and experiences, using the latest virtual reality and interactive technology.

Our Escape Rooms can teleport you from body to body and room to room. Our custom adventures adjust tone and content to your group to be as challenging or risqué as your heart desires!

The Arcade will feature a curated list of top picks, so you don’t waste time bumbling through bad Beta builds.



True West by Sam Shepard

Cast: Lee: Evan Linder
Austin: Jeff Kurysz*
Saul: David Cerda

Lee- Evan Linder


male and female iterations of Jeff Kurysz

Jeff Kurysz- Austin


David Cerda looking at camera

David Cerda- Saul



Assistant Director: JD Caudill

Directed by Artistic Director Aaron Sawyer*

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