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NEVER NOT LOVED YOU imagines Jocasta the Queen’s bedchamber in the final minutes of Euripides’ tragedy, Oedipus Rex. A dreary day goes from bad to worse as Jocasta and Lena discuss food, shoes, destroying the patriarchy, and the best way to survive a Greek tragedy. Like any other day, really.

About the playwright:

KMC doesn’t identify with the male gender. KMC also doesn’t bother much with which pronoun you use to refer to KMC. As long as you say nice things you can use whichever pronoun you like. If you are being serious about pronouns, KMC would prefer you use Ze/Hir and definitely not They/Their. Despite finding Ze/Hir difficult to remember to use, KMC often finds They/Their pronouns confusing. In general, KMC finds gender definitions difficult but rarely thinks they are confusing.

KMC has volunteered at over 50 Chicago theater organizations, sat on theater Boards of Directors, directed 8 productions (out in the suburbs), and taught theater to many a rascally high schooler. This is KMC’s first completed play.

NEVER NOT LOVED YOU has received development readings on the stages of Route 66 Theatre Company, the Marriott Linconlshire, and in KMC’s own apartment living room where the radiator is not terribly reliable. These readings have been directed by Aaron Sawyer (Artistic Director @ Red Theater), Lauren Shouse (Artistic Associate @ Northlight Theatre) and Johanna McKenzie Miller (three-time Jeff nominee) featuring the talents of Alex Weisman, Barbara Robertson, Susan Moniz, Adrian Aguilar, Derek Hasenstab, Michaela Petro, David Cerda, Mike Tepeli, and Kirsten Fitzgerald as well as many other fabulous folk.

About the Director: Aaron Sawyer Aaron Sawyer is the co-owner of the virtual reality bar, RedlineVR with a mixed reality escape room, virtual drink experiences, and more. Aaron is also the Founder and Artistic Director of Red Theater, with collectives formed in Chicago, Lincoln, Omaha, Tucson, and Purchase, NY. As a playwright, top Chicago credits include RED HAMLET and THREE SOLDIERS FOR SISTERS. Aaron has also worked with bilingual Deaf/Hearing productions of R+J: THE VINEYARD, heralded as a Top Ten Chicago Play of 2016 (Chicago Theater Beat) and LITTLE RED CYRANO (TOP TEN OF 2018- The Chicago Inclusion Project).